"I was extremely moved to see my family come to life in the
silent movie pictures that my Dad had taken over 75 years ago!
After discovering a reel of black and white film, I couldn't wait
to have it professionally transferred to DVD. Top quality
restoration of the film! Thank you for handling our memories
with care - we will treasure this for a long, long time."

Cheryl S. - 8mm Film Transfer
"Professional, courteous, prompt, excellent experience.
The final products gave us cherished memories for years to come.
We highly recommend this service!"
  Dee F. - 8mm Film + 35mm Slide Transfer
"You did a very nice job, thank you. I will recommend you."
Debbe M. - Videotape Transfer
"In one word, your film to DVD transfer is Spectacular!
What a wonderful way to relive memories that go back 37+ years.
The DVDs brought us tears of joy."
  Nancy & Gene M. - 8mm Film Transfer
"We were very pleased with both the service and the product.
The digital version looked better than the original 8mm film ever did --
even when it was new."
  Doug G. - 8mm Film Transfer
"The photo album DVD is perfect - we are very happy with it -
you did a wonderful job."
  Amy H. - Photograph Slide Show
"We love our new Home Movies DVD set.
It's so professional and the quality of work is excellent
- Thank You!"
  Donna J. - Videotape Transfer
"Very Good Job - Thanks!"
Roy P. - Reel-To-Reel Audio, Cassette Tape & RealMedia File Transfer
"Extremely happy with the end result.
From pickup to delivery, I have nothing but good words about DVDPro
- I've already recommended them to friends."

Joanne H. - 8mm Film Transfer
"Thank you for a job well done and for bringing back some great memories."
Steve D. - LP Record Transfer
"I loved it and had so much fun sharing it with my family!
Lots of good memories and things I had forgotten about! Thank You!"

Jo-Anne M. - 8mm Film Transfer
"Wow, you hit it right out of the park
- my sister Cheryl called and was so excited about her birthday gift!
Making that special song into a CD so that she can enjoy it again and
share it with her sons was perfect!"

Lois C. - 45 RPM Record Transfer & Custom CD Surface Printing
"The video transfer to DVD was perfect - good sound and clarity.
Great service!"
  Pat K. - Videotape Transfer
"We are very pleased! Thanks for making it possible for us to see
our film after all these years."
  Lilyan C. - 8mm Sound Film Transfer
"Very pleased that we were able to have our wedding (audio) tape
copied onto a CD for a lasting memory!"

Charlotte B. - Reel-To-Reel Audio Tape Transfer
"Very nicely done - It was the highlight of the party!"
Jeff K. - Photograph Slide Show
"I love our new DVDs. Austin & his co-workers did a magnificent job!
Thanks! I would not hesitate to recommend your services."

Maryann D. - 35mm Slide Transfer
"CDs sound great + DVDPro is great to deal with."
  Margot P. - LP Record To CD Transfer
"Very pleased with the service!"   Matt & Jane S. - 8mm Film + Photo Transfer
"Great Job - Thank You!"   Mark R. - Reel-To-Reel Audio Tape Transfer
"My Aunt & Uncle were so surprised -
it's hard to imagine that they had never seen their wedding videos in 60 years!
I appreciate your service and will be sure to recommend you to others."

Karen H. - 8mm Film Transfer
"DVDPro does a wonderful job - everything has been great."
  Frank C. - 8mm Film + Videotape Transfer
"Excellent quality. Thrilled to be able to view our cherished trip again!
Thank you so much for making that possible."
  Arthur U. - Videotape Transfer
"We are very, very excited about it. It was done beautifully. Thank you for the time and effort you put into it!"   Frank C. - Photograph Slide Show
"Yes, very pleased - was done just the way I wanted!"
  Silvia P. - LP Record Transfer
"Great Job! We are very pleased with the 8mm Film-to-DVD Transfer
of our wedding."
  Ed & Milly S. - 8mm Film Transfer
"We are exceedingly happy with the results, and will
definitely recommend DVDProStudio to our friends and family."

Jay & Elissa G. - LP Record Transfer