Q: Do you sub your work out?
A: No. All work is handled in our studio, under our close supervision.
Q: Where are you located? I would like to drop off my project.
A: We are a home-based company, located in Palmyra, NJ.
Local pickup & delivery to your home or office is included in your quote.
Call 856-786-3377 to schedule a pickup at your convenience.
Q: How do you transfer 8mm & 16mm film?
A: We start by cleaning and lubricating the film, which helps remove dust and molds
while returning some pliability. This cuts the static electricity while also
reducing the likelihood of cracking. Next we digitize your film
frame-by-frame then edit and title each movie file for viewing on DVD.
Q: Do you offer Gift Certificates?
A: Yes, we do.
This is the perfect gift to give when looking for a useful and unique present!
Q: I'm not sure what's on my 8mm movie film, is there
a way I can view it prior to transfer?

A: Yes, we rent tabletop film viewers so that you can safely view, title, and
organize your film collection. These units do not use hot bulbs and will not harm
your film. Select from daily, weekly, or weekend rental periods.
We also have 35mm slide projectors and screens to help you
organize your slide collection.
Q: How much movie film can fit on one DVD?
A: If you would like to add a soundtrack to your movies (or if you have sound film),
roughly 1,400' will fill one DVD. Without a soundtrack we can usually fit
about 1,500' on one DVD.
Q: How much videotape footage can fit on one DVD?
A: We aim for no more than 2 - 2¼ hours of video per DVD.
Q: My videotape/audiotape is broken inside the shell!
Can you repair and transfer it to DVD/CD?

A: Yes. In almost all cases videotape and audiotape can be spliced
(bad section cut out) and transferred.
We repair VHS, VHS-C, Beta, MiniDV, DVCam and 8mm videotapes, as well as
audio Cassette tapes, Reel-to-Reel and 8 Track tapes.
Q: How many slides or photographs can fit on one DVD?
A: This directly correlates to the amount of time you would like each slide
or photograph to be held on the screen. The average time is 8 seconds per image,
which will allow for approximately 1,000 images per DVD-Video.
Data-DVDs are also available;
Call 856-786-3377 for a quote right over the phone.
Q: How long will my Slide Show DVD be?
A: This depends on how long you would like to see each image on the screen.
The average time is 8 seconds per image;
I.E.  Number of Slides or Photos x 8 Seconds = Total Seconds ÷ 60 = Length in Minutes
Q: Will your DVDs work in my DVD Player?
A: Our DVDs are authored to meet the current DVD specification.
However, there are some older DVD Players that were not designed to play
this most recent specification. Our DVD-Video discs are guaranteed
to play in over 99% of all DVD players.
Q: How much audio can I fit on my custom Audio CD?
A: CD technology has a smaller capacity than DVD, therefore we can place
about 80 minutes of music on each audio CD.
Q: Do the CDs that you make have tracks so I can jump between audio pieces?
A: Yes, we will place track markers at the beginning of each audio piece/song,
or at specific points as per your request.
Q: Will I get my original materials (film/videotape/slides/photos/audio tape/etc.)
back when you are finished transferring them to CD or DVD?

A: Yes, you will get all of your original items back. In fact, your materials will be
in better condition when we return them to you since we clean
all project materials prior to transfer.